I have set some rules for myself.  Everything I write about is based on a real person or event.  I carry many people with me from my life in Africa and France.  I want to give them voice and only hope I can do them justice.

I grew up in Zimbabwe where I worked as a lawyer.  I left 10 years ago and now live in rural France.  I specialised in human rights with Amnesty International and have worked for them and various NGOs since.  I have five children – 3 teenagers, a 4 year old and a 2 year old.

I will be moving to Canada with my family next summer.


23 Responses to “About”

  1. Lisa said

    Hi Kerry,
    It is great!!! You have really been busy !!! How do you manage with all the rest of your life???

    Hope you are well and all there fine. Keep up the wonderful work.
    all love

  2. mere said

    “rupture my solitude”

    This is a great line! Not what he was likely meaning, but it sounds like a poetic (though painful) way for his lonely seclusion to be broken :).

    Thank you for following my blog! I would love to know more about yours. I enjoyed what I read here today!

    • I’ve been thinking of this old man all day. Wondering if I should try and contact him and knowing that he is looking for a companion and not a hurley burley young family who will leave in summer. He lives about an hour from here. Thanks for visiting and leaving your thoughts.

  3. What an interesting life you have! Amazing!

  4. corinne brisco said

    Hi !

    Where is “Corinne cupboard” please ? You can on Google at my name my 2 children’s books, I theek a new editor… Hourra for your blog! you love write, I feel that even without the english language, bizzz Corinne of cupboard

  5. Gabriella said

    What an amazing blog…I found you via Syd and a comment you left on my blog, I will add you to my blog roll as your blog and stories are amazing!

    Thank you!
    xo Gabi

  6. Steve E said

    Came here (maybe again?) by pure accident. Notice a few of my friend-peeps already are fans. And Gabi is right, your stories are amazing…the truth often IS!

    I twill be my pleasure to follow you more often.
    Thank you, Kerry!

  7. Rayna said

    Incredible stories you have to tell, and your own story is amazing too. Once I figure out how to add a wordpress blog to my blog roll, I will. Till then, I’ll keep following you.


  8. You’re a great writer Kerry, fantastic stories.
    Merry Christmas
    Loulou et Phoenix

  9. Naomi said

    I think your blog is amazing. You have such an interesting life! I love reading your stories. You have such an incredible gift for beautiful storytelling. Thank you for all the good adventures I get to take while reading your blog! organicmotherhoodwithcoolwhip.com

  10. […] her blog entitled Kerry’s characters , Kerry describes people she met in her life.  She is the character’s specialist:) She […]

  11. Thanks Zoe – I will change it!

  12. Thanks for your lovely comment on my latest post. Glad to meet you!

  13. Cherie said

    I’m reading with a smile Kerry… I always liked your stories x

  14. Kirsti said

    I really like your blog, and the rules you’ve set yourself. Thank you.

  15. Hi Kerry,
    Just read your latest blog, I love stealing some time away to read them. Keep going, ill tune in time to time and catch up. Good luck with your move to Canada.

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    Good life and I hope to soon

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