Things aren’t Always What They Seem

November 5, 2009

I am having an affair.  For ten years I have gone through the motions and you have been my permanent address.  For ten years I have shown delight in the offerings you have brought me: crisp croissants and coffee, plump  purple figs off the tree.  I have picked grapes with you and learned a whole new, beautiful language.  You have shown me blushing dawns on glitzy beaches and millionaires yachts in Monaco.  You have shown me Paris and the Pyrenees and I have loved and appreciated them all.  But you are not my First Love.


My First Love lacks all artifice and sophistication.  My First Love is not polished.  My true love is undiluted color and sharp edges.  Your tones are muted and tasteful.


I have praised your exquisite colognes and marveled at the alchemists of Grasse but the scent that stops me in my tracks is colored with the warm tones of quenched earth after a rainstorm.


You have given me safety and security and have spread choices before me like an array of promising cards, a winning hand.  The Love of my Life prefers to play Russian roulette.


Your voice is a reassuring murmur.  A constant and rapid discourse of things I soon forget.


My True Love impales me with the silent whisper of an impala, statuesque at dawn.  An urgent, peaceful communication.


You pamper me and make sure I am always warm and well-fed.  You attend to all my physical needs and I am forever grateful for this.  But when I lack for nothing I feel nothing.  My body cancels itself out.  You have disappeared me.


My First Love never offered a safety net and sometimes placed me in harm’s way – I am one of many who have expressed my devotion.  I am as dispensable as the ripe mupani fruit fermenting back into the savannah.


But there is always the possibility an elephant will ponderously sniff me out and pluck me up.  If I have fermented enough my sweet flesh will give him a temporary high and I will have made a noble beast swoon and smile.


I am married to France but Zimbabwe you are my First Love.


Africa.  Africa.  Africa.


28 Responses to “Things aren’t Always What They Seem”

  1. Mirella said

    WAW Kerry!!!!! J’ai eu la chair de poule!!!!! What the hell was that? it is so beautiful, amazing, your words flows so easily………… are an amazing writer!!!!! Bravo!

  2. Theta Mom said

    Wow, that was awesome!

  3. You make both countries sound beautiful and alluring.

    Straight From Hel

  4. Susan said

    You have such a powerful way of writing. I am truely touched by your talent.

    • Thank you Susan. I plan to put up 4 blogs a week so hope you’ll come back and visit and pass them on to anyone you think might enjoy them. Of course I will continue to follow your lovely blog!

  5. Rochelle said

    France is intoxicating in a way that you’ve captured perfectly. Yet Africa speaks to your soul and clearly inspires you.

    Simply lovely Kerry, thank you!

  6. What a beautiful tribute to the two countries, especially Zimbabwe. I came over to read your blog after I saw your comment at Helen’s “Straight Form Hel” That is another advantage to leaving comments, I have found wonderful new blogs and authors.

    • Hi Maryann, thanks for taking the time to stop by. I tried to visit you but couldn’t get the link to work. It kept going back to my blog for some reason. I would love to read your work so please could you send me more info. thanks.

  7. Yikes! That’s fine writing. Oh my goodness, yes!

  8. It just keeps getting better with you. I loved seeing Africa through your eyes.I also now have Mr. Camus in my head.

    Keep it up.


    • You and Elizabeth gave me the encouragement I needed to tackle the blank screen so Thank You. I tried to leave a comment on your beautifully written blog this evening but it kept saying my identity was faulty. So here it is again. What a lucky little boy to have such a good daddy who sees him. If I ever get published and make millions I hereby undertake to invite you and BB and pumpkin to meet my family in France/Africa/Canada.

  9. sinkuenta said

    I just want to congratulate you for this wonderful post of love and contrast… Africa, so close to me, yet so far away from my culture. You are a great writer!!!

  10. I could not wait to see where this was going. Wow.

    • I know what its like to juggle so thanks for finding the time to stop by. I plan to put up a least 4 blogs a week so hope to see you again. I will continue to follow you too! I you would like to read another one about Africa you could look at Accessory or Accomplice. Thanks!

  11. Beautifully written. Had me from the first line, and held me the entire way. This is talent!

    The Old Silly

  12. Rob said

    Hi Kerry
    What a wonderful post. I am always encouraged to find wonderful Zimbabwean’s, and they exist in so many places around this huge world. It is great to meet people from home and catch up on what everyone does now. We are all spread among the fields and trees that make our planet home. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and like you, I’ll be following your blog.

  13. What a wonderful tribute to your homeland, and what a beautiful way to express your love for home.

  14. Bear Brand said

    I’m sitting here wondering why I feel so angry! There is nothing wrong with your writing, your desciptions are so beautiful. But I’m sitting here feeling angry.

  15. David Wheeler said

    This sounds familiar.
    In Africa we live or die;
    outside we merely exist..
    D xx

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